Stained Glass Repair and Design

  • Custom Window Design
  • Art on Glass
  • Window repair
  • Broken Panes
  • Lead repair

Stained glass itself has an indefinite life span, but the associated components that comprimise a window such as the lead and wood frame have a finite life of approximately 40-100 years depending upon conditions.

The failure in these components lead to water infiltrating the framework of the church causing great damage to the underlying church structure in the form of dry rot and mold. Repairing these faults in the windows can be easily and reasonably accomplished by our studios restoration services.

During the restoration process we evaluate the damage to the frame and repair as necessary. The window is disassembled, broken panes, damage lead are replaced, repacked, cleaned. This is a simplification of the process.

We approach each restoration project with reverence for the original artist and subject and with uncommon appreciation for his or her work as well as respect for its setting.

We are pleased to quote on major or minor repairs to your stained glass treasures, including cleaning, total restoration and weather protection of both the art and its surrounding framework. And we fully understand that the needs and sensitivities of each church congregation may differ.